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L'ALIVU Charming Guest house on the French Riviera - Coaraze


Christian will tell you about all the walks and visits to do around our bed and breakfast of charm in the hinterland of Nice to make your holidays in ALPES MARITIMES unforgettable. As soon as you'll leave you'll want to come back!

You will for exemple :
HIKING from Rocca Spaviera and go through CHAPELLE ST MICHEL or simply discover the tranquil surroundings of The ALIVU.A little further, you can follow the circuit initially Braus GRAND LUCERAM near PEIRA CAVA, Col de Turini and the famous Parc du Mercantour and enjoy pleasures of high mountains (skiing, snowshoeing)

Discovery process will start from NICE or The ESCARENE. The valley of the Roya (French and Italian) route that will bring you to inaccessible places by road or fortified villages and lead you to TENDE (Museum of the VALLEES DES MERVEILLES) and then LIMONE beautiful ski resort on the slopes transalpine (circuit in one day ).

The charming villages of Nice's hinterland from our guest house are : ASPREMONT anthology chapels, CASTAGNIERS Cistercian Abbey, the country COLOMARS olive trees, the Skip Duranus French, EZE hanging garden on the Mediterranean Sea , FALICON chosen by Queen Victoria, the door GAUDE Provence, THE ROCKET S / VAR eagle nest on the Var, LEVENS green country, ST BLAISE authentic olive mill, ST JEANNET climbing paradise, TOURRETTE LEVENS castle and museum of the butterfly.

NICE, capital of the French Riviera invite you to stroll and discover its famous Baie des Anges, its old town and its flower market and flea markets, promenade des Anglais, its beaches, museums, its carnival.

You can also enjoy the route of "COTE D AZUR PAINTERS" in every city where all the artists (Picasso, Chagall, Renoir, Cocteau, Léger) have found their inspiration.

Sports and leisure activities available in our guest room The B & B ALIVU COTE D AZUR are : canyoning, slide through basins with the turquoise waters for swimming, riding in the Alps Berre, tennis in Bendejun, via ferrata to Peille and Turini, Park wolves in ST Martin Vésubie, snowshoe hiking at Camp Silver, Thalasso in Peira to Cava, Deep sea fishing in Beaulieu s / mer, Nice.

And throughout the season, we'll give you all the events that happened (flea market from 1 May, hiking the 4 villages, Spring Arts, Festival of St Jean, World Championship Pilou, summer concerts etc ...) .



L'ALIVU Charming Guest house on the French Riviera - Coaraze
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