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L'ALIVU Charming Guest house on the French Riviera - Coaraze


Michèle, in a charming guest house in PROVENCE COTE D AZUR, offers you its cool evening meals.

You will find the spirit of Provence : menus with south accent concocted by the lady of the house.

All our dishes are made by products harvested in the garden.

Many "niçoise" cookbooks are available and Michèle will gladly give you all her recipes for you to take with you some of our Mediterranean heritage!
In fine weather, dinner will be served on the terrace under the olive trees to the rhythm of singing frogs and cicadas.

Different barbecue grill will delight you with its bread, pissaladière, socca, pizza slowly cooked while Michèle and Christian will not fail to tell you about the legend of REINE JEANNE or other stories of the country.
And when winter comes, we will hav dinner in the dining room of our guest house watching the dancing flames in our fireplace.
During your stay at ALIVU, it will be difficult to leave as the "FARNIENTE" will win you!
We will share with pleasure our addresses of good restaurants in our region.

L'ALIVU Charming Guest house on the French Riviera - Coaraze
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